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Remote piloted RC helicopter for capturing unique aerial photographs and video

We Take Photography to new heights!

RC Aerial Imaging is a full time professional Photography Company that takes pictures and video from the unique perspective of the air. At RC Aerial Imaging, we are proud to offer our clients unsurpassed quality and affordability through the use of the most up to date high tech equipment available. The applications for our aerial imaging solutions are limited only by the imagination; we literally take photograghy and video production to new heights.

We specialize in low level (under 400ft) aerial imaging including: still photos, digital video, & thermal imaging. Through the use of cutting edge radio control helicopters and extendable boom camera mounts we are able to capture images from a very unique perspective.

We now offer Thermal Imaging with a thermal camera from the worldwide known FLIR company. This thermal imaging technology allows us to capture both still and video images using heat radiation instead of light! For more information about this exciting new technology please see our Thermal Imaging link.

The Benefits of our Aerial Imaging Services include:

MORE COST EFFECTIVE - We offer aerial photography services at a mere fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional helicopter or plane with a pilot.

INCREASED ACCESSIBILITY - We can fly lower, giving us a better view of a home, golf course, etc... We can fly over water or between trees and other obstructions (where traditional full size aircraft simply can not operate) to get just the right shot.

UNSURPASSED MOBILITY - We can move from point to point quickly or take video while on the move creating awesome action shots.

Passion Driven Quality that is second to none

At RC Aerial Imaging aerial photography is much more than a job, it is a passion realized through the fulfillment of a dream. It started as a hobby, progressed naturally through the course of a desire for more, and gave rise to the dream of actually flying and taking aerial photographs for a living. Now the dream has become a reality and RC Aerial Imaging is proud to offer the finest quality aerial imaging services available at never before heard of affordable prices.

Joel Atkins, the owner of the company began flying radio controlled helicopters as a hobby. Like everything Joel does, the continual search for improvement led him to design and build his own helicopters as well as the tilt, pan, and zoom capable camera mounts which we use every day. These radio controlled helis are NOT toys. They cost thousands of dollars each and have a higher power to weight ratio than full sized aircraft. This allows them to manuver and fly in ways that would cause full sized aircraft to crash. They can hover very stable allowing for high quality still digital photography to be taken right from the custom built purpose designed aircraft. A live real time video feed to a laptop computer on the ground allows the camera operator to perfectly tilt, pan, zoom, fucus, and snap the image or capture the video while the rc aircraft is in flight!

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Remote piloted digital aerial imaging

We Provide:

♦ aerial photography
♦ aerial video
♦ thermal imaging
♦ search & rescue
♦ real estate images
♦ septic system locating
♦ roof inspections
♦ advertising photos
♦ law enforcement svcs
♦ insurance photos
♦ & much more!